Join us in DC Feb 17 to MAKE the President Move “Forward on Climate Change”

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    This poster is about the bus from Lancaster to D.C. on Feb 17. Scroll down to see the poster about the bus from York to D.C. the same day


Robert and I will be on one of two big buses Presidents Day, Feb 17, 2013, traveling from York and Lancaster, PA to Washington D.C. We will join 20,000 or more concerned citizens to move “Forward on Climate Change,” sponsored by Bill McKibben and in conjunction with the Sierra Club. Presidents Day seems like a good time to tell President Obama, Congress, and all fossil fuel companies that we insist on urgent action to halt and reverse climate change so that future generations will inherit a safe, healthy planetary home. We hope you will join us in this peaceful demonstration.


Jerry Lee Miller, climate change, D.C. Forward on Climate Change rally Feb 17, 2013, Presidents Day

Above, The Rev. Jerry Lee Miller, Co-Founder of “HIVE of Planet-Loving Activity” in Lancaster and York, PA (check us out on FaceBook) is never happier than when he is organizing busloads of people to save the planet. Thank you, Jerry, for making this Feb 17 DC trip possible for everyone in South-Central PA!

Please join us on one of the two buses from Lancaster and York. The fare is $35 per person (or $45 angel fare) or pay what you can. Just COME! Bus #1 will leave at 8:30 am SHARP from Lancaster Shopping Center (near Giant between Lititz and Oregon Pikes.) Bus #2 will leave at 9:00 am SHARP from Giant Store Parking Lot, 275 Pauline Drive, York, PA. We will return around 7-9 pm. Make bus fare checks to “HIVE of Planet Loving Activity,” and mail them to The Rev. Jerry Lee Miller, 1140 Louise Ave., Lancaster, PA 17601. Call him for info at 717-519-9166. More info is available at the “HIVE of Planet-Loving Activity” FaceBook page.

Above is the poster for the bus from York, PA to D.C. Feb 17, 2013

Above is the poster for the bus from York, PA to D.C. Feb 17, 2013

MOTIVATION — Why It Is Important to Make a Statement NOW:

1. On July 19, 2012, “Rolling Stone Magazine” published Bill McKibben’s article, “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math” and it went viral. It featured three very sobering numbers:

A. 2 degrees Celsius (about 3.6 degrees F.) is internationally recognized as the maximum global warming the planet can sustain. The earth has already warmed almost 1 degree Celsius, and there is another 1 degree of inertial warming built into the system even if we halt emissions now.

B. 565 Gigatons of C02 (a gigaton is a million tons) is the maximum sustainable emission permitted by 2050. At current rates of emission, unfortunately, we will reach that level of C02 in the atmoshpere in 15 years, by 2028.

C. 2,750 Gigatons of C02 (5 times the sustainable limit) represents the emissions that will result from the proven reserves of coal and oil and natural gas that fossil fuel companies have promised shareholders they will extract and burn. If this happens, the results will be apocalyptic.

2. Also on July 19, 2012, Reuters confirmed one of the worst droughts in U.S. history, which destroyed crops across the Midwest and exacerbated massive wildfires.

3. On July 24, 2012 NASA’s Godard Space Flight Center released satellite photos of unprecedented Greenland ice sheet melt that occurred from July 8-12, 2012. In the past several years two huge chunks of the Greenland ice sheet have broken off and floated away — both of them much larger than the size of Manhattan.

4. In early November 1000-mile wide mega-storm Sandy wrought $50 billion of damage on the U.S. East Coast. Aside from the loss of property and lives, many people lost businesses, homes and livelihoods. Thousands are still suffering.

5. Recently NOAA announced that 2012 was the hottest year on record for the U.S.

6. In 2012 arctic ice melt encompassed an area larger than the U.S.

7. The oceans are now 30% more acidic, causing sustainability issues of many kinds. The atmosphere is 5% wetter, making more hurricanes and mega-storms like Katrina and Sandy inevitable.

SO… Think About Actions YOU Could Take:

For those of us who understand the apocalyptic implications of these developments for all life on earth, let alone for our daily health and wellbeing, there is a moral imperative to do something. Ask yourself three questions:

A. What can I do?

B. What am I willing to do?

C. What am I qualified to do?

Then decide what you WILL do to help call attention to this global climate emergency and to persuade governments and fossil fuel companies to stop greenhouse gas emissions and switch to safe, sustainable, clean energy.

Most Americans were thrilled to hear President Obama pledge action on climate change in his second inaugural address earlier this week. But the old story about FDR and Social Security applies. When his supporters came to him describing the urgent need for Social Security, FDR is reported to have said something like, “I agree with you. This is the right thing to do. Now… Make me do it!” President Obama needs massive public pressure to support his commitment to respond urgently to climate change. Let’s make him do it!

The time is NOW! If you can stand with 20,000 concerned citizens on President’s Day in Washington D.C. we will join hands and affirm survival strategies for all life forms living on Planet Earth — our only home.

Robert and I and all our friends hope to see you there! — Kevin

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