Holiday Decorations Should Stay Up Until Spring!

Cliffs Dec 29 2012 Xmas Scrappy Robert 007

TO: Everyone who feels pressured to take down their holiday decorations during the first week of the New Year… CHILL!

FROM: Kevin                                   DATE: January 1, 2013

I hope you are not sustaining any undue strain or injury from taking down your tree and holiday decorations much too unnaturally prematurely. I should think those cheerful embellishments might not acquiesce without a fight!

For our part, Robert and I are sitting in our living room (photo above) on New Year’s morning, secure in the knowledge that our beautiful tree and wreath and window garlands will remain up through our March birthdays, when, with any luck, the crocuses will be peaking through the ground. Spring flowers are the official signal that it is time to put away Christmas decorations for the year, ladies and gentlemen.

What ARE Christmas ornaments and evergreens but poor manmade substitutes for the glorious flowers and leaves of nature? Therefore, they should be put up immediately upon the falling of the last colored leaf and remain up until spring flowers burst forth. That is the natural order of things. We hope you will eventually see the error of your ways and join the movement to voluntarily extend holiday cheer until nature takes over every spring.

Happy New Year! — Kevin and Robert


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