While the G.O.P. Candidates Are Only Concerned with SEX!

This morning at 8 am in his shirt sleeves Robert chased our dog Scrappy through the woods. Today is Feb. 23, 2012, in a part of the country that should be under lots of snow and ice right now. At 9 am we sat by the pond and watched our koi and other fish swimming about, as we basked in the warmth of springtime weather. The koi are supposed to be hibernating, buried in the mud, but our pond has not frozen over at all this winter – the first time that has ever happened, as far as we know. On our walk back up to the house, we noticed that our hydrangea bushes have started to leaf out. Yesterday Robert saw a forsythia bush covered with yellow blossoms in someone’s front yard. Both today and tomorrow the weather forecast calls for a high of 58 and a low of 45. For the following week the highs are expected to average 50 degrees. Again… This is February in snow country!

Some people tell us to “Just relax and enjoy the beautiful weather!” And we do… It really IS beautiful… but is it right?! Does this weather seem right to you? Does it worry you that we have not had a real winter this year? The leading character in “Jurassic Park,” responding to the delight of others over seeing dinosaurs, comments, “It’s all fun and games until the screaming starts!” That’s how we feel about the weather. It’s hard to relax when the implications of Climate Change are so dire for the continuation of life on our beloved, beautiful planet.

But Republicans and the G.O.P. candidates never comment about Climate Change if they can avoid it, and then only to scoff at our concern and discredit the science being urgently broadcast by climatologists all around the globe. Instead, what are these radical, extreme right wing Tea Party Republicans and G.O.P. candidates talking about? While our house is burning down, they are obsessed with SEX! SEX! SEX! They are demanding an end to contraception! REALLY?! Are we REALLY questioning citizens’ right to contraception in 2012 – let alone the imperative to curb planetary population explosion?! They have gone far beyond their constant drum beat of war against abortion to demand an end to family planning and to suggest policies and procedures that would actually invade a woman’s body and rape her with legally mandated vaginal probes! Unbelievable! And, of course, they are utterly against gay marriage, but their growing focus on the private lives of GLBT citizens in our society borders on unnatural obsession.

When your house is on fire, you don’t waste time criticizing your neighbor for the way s/he conducts her or his love life or plans a family. In fact, when your house is on fire, you focus all your attention on saving the house and everyone in it before you do ANYTHING else. If American society and the human race as a whole does not immediately turn its attention to stopping and reversing Global Climate Change, we won’t have the luxury of addressing other issues that we think are important, because our house will have burned down, along with everyone in it. Let’s get our priorities right and start focusing on this huge fire!

— Kevin

4 thoughts on “OUR HOUSE IS BURNING!

  1. I miss winter….I really do! I don’t exactly like driving in snoiw or shoveling but I still miss it! And if winter is this warm…..how blasted hot will summer be???!!! Yes, I agree all the gop hopefulls do not acknowledge climate change and they never will.

  2. If it gets way too hot this summer, you can always come out here to the woods and lie in the stream or the pond with us. For years I’ve been thinking of building a naturally air conditioned “cool house” — a glass gazebo or cabin over the top of one of our many springs that bring 52-degree water out of the ground all year long. In the winter (if we ever have another winter again…) such a spring house would be kept warm by the water and I might be able to grow some greens. In the summer it would be a cool place to sit and chill. Maybe this summer will be the right time to create my experimental spring house! -Kevin

  3. Well said! My favorite Mitticism of the week: “The trees are the right size,” he said, when enumerating what he liked about Michigan. For Mitt, even the trees are commodified.

  4. I guess I’m an old liberal my own self, although I also think labels do not define us, but rather stereotype us. With this two party political system (even though there are quite a few “political
    parties” that show up on ballots) there appears to be only two choices in the way we view the issues that confront us as Americans or ever world citizens. To my way of thinking, many of these “issues” shouldn’t be issues at all. Gay rights is just one example, but even that heading, “gay rights,” seems redundant. What is the deal? Shouldn’t everyone have the same rights when it comes to things like marriage? The term gay rights implies that gays have rights separate and different from non-gays. Have we not left an issue like this back in the discriminating dust of our past? I guess not. I can’t help but think, when I watch the Republican candidates debate or trash our elected president for doing what he was elected to do, that they are not addressing the issues, but creating them. I mean, Sanitarium (or whatever his name is) calls global warming a hoax. A hoax! In spite of what every scientist on earth claims is real. Well, the scientists also claim that the history of life on the planet does not jive with what the bible says either. One real issue is jobs, a sun-issue of the economy, but the Repubs seem to think it’s OK to destroy the planet too create jobs. Oil is their blood! And they call themselves conservatives. Isn’t that a contradiction? But I’m sorry, I get carried away. They are all nice people. We shouldn’t fault Mitt for being rich and getting away with his low tax bracket. It’s not his fault if he gets away with taking advantage of a lopsided tax schedule. Let’s not be jealous of his success. I’m sorry if I’m showing my old liberal colors. We liberals trashed Bush when he was in charge. So what if we trashed him because he actually did bad things. The Repubs should be able to trash Obama too, even if they make things up about him to trash. This is America, after all. I’d better quit now before I really get carried away.

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